In 2023, more people want to attend events – as long as they are designed experiences.

  • Globally, 63% of Gen Z say they’ll be at more events in 2023
  • 69% of Australian and NZ respondents said events made them feel happy
  • One in four (25%) Australian and NZ event creators strongly agrees that what they do is less about producing events and more about designing experiences.

This is great news for the events industry, but there has also been a shift in what is considered an experience.

Event attendees no longer want to be passive onlookers. Engagement is being driven by the experience, choice and sustainability as well as a sense of authentic, value-led alignment.

So, how do we create these kinds of experiential events?

At Seeker Agency, we specialise in understanding your brand and customer —delivering an authentic and results-driven event experience.

Some of our recent success stories include…

Nike Future Fitness

An immersive, sensory and futuristic experience brought Nike’s Future Fitness campaign to life. Using gradient lighting, projections and sound, we created a zen space for guests to discover their inner glow and enjoy a day of movement and mindfulness.

Red Bull Energy Station,Australian Grand Prix

In this multi-story, custom built structure we incorporated multiple immersive experiences to ensure every touch point engaged guests. From interactive F1 Play Seats to Red Bull shoey cocktails, live artist sculpture painting, driver interviews and surprise guest appearances, this was an incredibly unique F1 experience.

Google Cloud Security Forum

A brand as innovative as Google needed a conference that was equally as revolutionary. Education and awareness became a completely immersive experience.

Strangers Things x Grill’dRestaurant Takeover

Stepping through the rift into an immersive world complete with vines, floating spores, and interactive experiences took guests on a sensory journey into the Upside Down.