As you know, I founded Solution Entertainment over 14 years ago, growing with an amazing team and working with some incredible clients on large-scale events, global activations, smaller functions and everything in between.

Last year, we took a deep dive into our brand (we had some time on our hands!…). What started as an entertainment agency had evolved into a full-service offering with a team of experts that dominated in branding, events and activations. It was a natural progression, of course, but no longer represented what Solution Entertainment was about. As a result of this huge strategic undertaking, we made some important (and exciting) decisions about who we are and what we do (a business soul-search, if you will). And on that note…

I am beyond thrilled to announce the launch of Seeker Agency

Australia’s leading Events and Activations agency

‘Wait, what about Solution Entertainment?
’I hear you ask. Don’t stress! Solution Entertainment was founded to provide a curated, premium entertainment offering and to be number one in the entertainment space. And that’s exactly what SE will keep doing! Solution Entertainment is going back to its roots and NOW its sister company Seeker Agency gets to take the reins when it comes to events. There’s no sibling rivalry here, just a dynamic duo.

The Seeker Agency approach is simple: Great people, doing great things, for great brands. Seeker Agency may not be new to the game apart from the name (we’ve been in the events space since 2007!), but this brand refresh means that we have a renewed focus on what sets us apart.

Thank you for being a huge part of our growth and evolution over the last 14 years. We can’t wait to finally introduce you to Seeker Agency and to (re)introduce you to Solution Entertainment.

Brad Hampel

Great peopleDoing great thingsFor great brands

What Sets Us Apart?

With a highly skilled team filled with an eclectic mix of creative and production professionals. Seeker Agency can deliver across a diverse range of experiential marketing and event activity. We specialise in understanding your brand and customer — delivering an authentic and results-driven event experience. Seeker Agency connects people with brands. And we do it really well. Underpinning everything we do is expert strategy and a focus on results. Exceptional delivery is a guarantee (each time, every time). We love a good challenge and we love the thrill of delivering a flawless event. Whether it’s an in-store activation or a global event for thousands we can ensure a seamless
experience at every step. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk (and dance the dance, if required).

Seeker Agency

We’re a bit chuffed with our new look (we can’t stop staring in the mirror TBH).